How I’m spending my Saturday night.  (Taken with Instagram)
Sep 8

How I’m spending my Saturday night. (Taken with Instagram)

Aug 3

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Jul 31


“There are definitely fictional families that I’ve almost felt like a part of,” says Kirk Demarais, the artist responsible for a series of portraits of fictitious families plucked from pop culture. “The Brady Bunch is first to come to mind. Thanks to endless repeats of those 117 episodes, my brain was practically fooled into thinking I was growing up alongside Greg Brady and the gang.”

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Jul 31

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Jul 31

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Jul 20

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Jul 15

Rest in Peace to the late Celeste Holm. 

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It’s brilliant. Bryan, Aaron, Anna, and the entire cast are great, and of course Vince Gilligan, the genius behind. 

"Face- Off" surely ranks among the best season finale of all times, and Giancarlo’s Gus is one of the best villians in television history. 

Can’t wait for tonight’s premiere!

Jul 15
I just finished all four seasons of Breaking Bad…
Jul 9

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Lúa Ocaña
Jul 9

Lúa Ocaña

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